Our Services


Custom Tanks

Can't find the item you need? Our custom design service is for those specialized items, whether you want a tray or have a new product idea. We can work with you to bring your ideas to life!


Rotational Moldings

Our main and strongest line of products come from Rotational Molding - a process for creating hollow items, such as Anti-freeze Reservoirs and Stairs. Everyday we are working towards improving our process to help create better and stronger items - Quality & Quantity. Have molds and no manufacturing capabilities? We can arrange a solution for you!



Got an R.V. Tank and can't find a replacement? Try a Repair Instead! Not only is it better for the environment, it's easier on your Wallet. Our repair shops are located in Lloydminster and Cold Lake.

Can't get it here? We can also Repair or Add-On at your specific location. We will do everything we can to help you with your repairs! We can repair all the items made here at Hobblestone from our containment wall Liners to our Specialized items.


Environmental Products & Services

The environment... what else is more important? At Hobblestone we believe that the environment needs to be respected and that's why we offer products and services that not only meet your specific requirements but also help protect our planet.

Items like our All-in-One Containment where if a leak happens it is contained from contaminating the ground. That means zero waste and zero environmental damage.

Need more environmentally friendly advice or ideas? We can help!

Interested in a popualr service or one not listed here?